Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My niece Dyllan with her spider girl costume.
Spider men costumes my nephews got for Christmas.
My 2 year old nephew playing with the farm the his dad made him.
The best part of the Christmas tree. ha ha
Tyler scraping the driveway. He was all decked out. :)

We went to the state games in boise for snake river and blackfoot.
Here are our new footed pajamas that we got from PJ.

This is a such a wonderful time of year. I cry every time I hear the forgotten carols story and feel true joy as I spend the holiday with my family. Watching the joy and excitement on the children's faces and then play with their new toys is something that will never get old.My first christmas with my wonderful husband was so nice. We surprised eachother with some silly gifts then cuddled. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Saturday, November 6, 2010

The honey moon!

My honeymoon was so great. I took a nap everyday and ate the most gourmet food I have ever had. There was lobster, filet mingnon, ceasar salad with real anchovies on top, duck, crème brulet, sushi, pizza, sandwiches, eggs benedict, scallops, shrimp, and ice cream machines everywhere. The sushi was not as good as I thought it would be, but the rest was heaven. By the time I got back I was ready for just a plain sandwich or hamburger. There was a salt water pool and hot tub on the boat and some really great shows. The would dance and sing, and have great effects. Then there were some karaoke nights, they provided costumes, live band, and back up dancers for the performers. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. We laughed so hard. We would go to bed every night at like midnight and that is when everyone else would get up. Some people were always drunk. We would order a smoothie and they would say, but that does not have alcohal in it, and we would say, we know, exactly our point. Ha ha. I think we were about the only ones that did not drink besides the kids. The drinks were like 8 bucks each though, I don’t know how people afforded it. I guess some had 500 dollar drinking tabs or more by the end. It was crazy. We stopped at Puerto Vallarta first and the locals were giving out free shots about every other shop, and they asked us what we do for fun if we do not drink. It was pretty funny. It was a poor city, but very beautiful. We walked around until we were about to die. Then got back on the boat. Everyone wanted to sell us stuff. They would say “ hey amigo or amigo, almost free 1 dollar to go to that island and 29 to get back.” That was the best one that we heard. I got tired of people talking to me. Tyler told me I was being rude to ignore them, I did not even want to talk to them anymore though. Then we went to Malzotan and walked down the beach and picked up sea shells and then went to the sea shell museum. They had all kinds of designs made of all different colors of sea shells. They even had a fountain with huge shells that the water ran off of. It was awesome. We also stopped at a Mexican restaurant and it was heaven. We don’t have that kind of Mexican food here. Then the last stop was Cabo, it was beautiful, the water was blue, with white sandy beaches. We rode on a glass bottom boat and went to lovers beach, then on the other side was divorce beach. It was funny. The waves on divorce beach were huge and angry then just on the other side they were nice and calm. It was pretty funny. We threw bread in the water and the tropical fish would come right to the surface. It was so awesome. I think next time we will do some snorkeling or scuba diving. We also saw some sea lions. I got a tan and some pretty fun sun dresses. It was freezing when we got back. We had to wait at the airport in California for 7 hours and our plane got delayed for an hour so we did not get to salt lake until 11:30 and we still had to drive back. We got home at 3:30 am and still had to go to work on Monday. We were pretty tired, we had to eat out a couple of times the first week because we did not have anything. Not even a shower curtain. Lol it was pretty funny.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We made it!

We finally got married! I never really thought it would all happen. It was just a stressful dream that was so far away. Then it all happened, we were so stressed that morning we woke right up and raced to the temple. Of course the train made my hair dresser late and then I had to speed to get there. But we were both on time and every thing was so peaceful in the temple. Almost like time was not passing. We said our "I dos" and then we came out dressed in our best. I was finally that beautiful bride that I always envied as I saw them at the temple my whole life. All the attention was on us. We barely had time to even talk to each other. Pictures were everywhere and I had my sweet nieces touching me every time I moved. Saying how I looked like a princess and my dress was slippery. I was finally the thing that when I was there age wanted to be. It was such a dream. It was amazing how smooth the day went with all my wonderful families help. I have never felt so loved and blessed to have such a wonderful family. I did not shed a tear until I saw my mom and how she told me how proud she was of me. I finally pleased her. I was not sure I would ever make her so happy. I always kind of felt like I was disappointing my family somehow in the choices I made, but now I finally made my dreams and theres come true. It is such a wonderful feeling.
My family was late to the pictures of course and that made me stress just a little. But then everything worked out and started right on time. The nerves got the best of both of us and we did not eat a thing after the luncheon. Later we wished we would have just tasted the chocolate fountain. :) We could not believe how many people came to support us. We are so blessed.
Then we left that night with a fully decorated car and a 3 hour drive to utah ahead of us. We finally had time to talk to each other but we were so tired we barely talked.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is almost here!

My wedding is almost here. I think it brings the beast out in everybody. Trying to get the cake and deciding what to have everyone is going to wear. Not to mention the invitations.
I have been engaged for so long that now it is so close it has kind of crept up on me. All of the sudden I need to get my invitations out and finalize everything. I am getting excited to be done with everything and to be with Tyler. The cruise will be a good time for us. We are both to the point where we just want to get away. We are tired of making decisions and everyone asking us what we want.
We don't care, we just want it to be done. :) funny.
anyway, I hope everyone can come. The chocolate fountain is going to be fabulous.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first homemade quilt!

So my sister has been working on making me domesticated before I get married. So she has been having me help can beans and fruit and learn how to sew. The canning part was easy but the sewing part was a lot harder than it looked. I could not remember how to thread the machine and sewing in a straight line with everything the right direction was a challenge all in itself. My first attempt was to make towel ponchos where you cut a hole in the middle and then sew the sides together. Sounds pretty easy? Well that is what I thought. I start at 9 in the morning and got my first one done at 6 that night. I had to pick it out more than once and I kept forgetting to put the foot done so it kept on gobbing up the thread. Then I would have to take it out again. By 11 pm I finally got 5 towels done, once I figured out how to do one the process went a lot faster. :)
So for my next sewing experience I decided I needed my own queen sized quilt. My sister helped me cut out all the pieces then sew them together to make the most confusing puzzle I have ever done. It was hard to even turn the cutting board the right way so I could cut it. :) This took me all day to do just the front and then another day to do just the back and now we still have to quilt and bind it. I had no idea that it took so much work to make just one blanket. I sewed to many seams uneven and backwards I can't even count all of them. Then I would get a whole row sewed and realize that I was out of bobbin thread or the top needle was unthreaded. So I would hav to do all over again. :) I wanted to scream most of the time, but now that I almost done, I do feel some accomplishment. I think that I am now officailly domesticated. I still need a little practice, but maybe I would be okay.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Camping at Red Fish Lake

So I went camping with Tyler's family last week and it was blast. 6 days is not that long when you go boating every day. I learned to surf, I really thought I was going to drowned first. I could not figure out how to get the weight from my butt to my feet. Then they started to tub me a little slower and I finally felt it and stood up. I still had to find my balance before I stayed on it for longer than a second. Now maybe I can learn to wake board. It the same concept just faster. OH I skied for a long time and crossed back and forth over the wake a lot times. I always stayed in the middle before. :)Tyler was so patient with me, he did not know what else to tell me to help me but, but makes me feel so much braver on the water. It really is as fun as he says. :)
We rode a tandem bike too, it is really big team effort. It was really funny while we were trying to get used to it.
So this made me think about some more things that I love about Tyler. I have never had more fun with anyone. He makes me feel a lot more brave and confident becuase I know he will always be there for me. He makes me laugh, and hugs all my worries and sicknesses away. I love to see him smile too, his whole face lights up. I feel like the most important person in his life and I mean the world to him. He wants me to go everywhere he goes, and everything is more fun when we are together. :) I love him so so so much.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

House Hunting

So Tyler and I have decided to buy a house and then possibly sell it when he goes to graduate school in 6 years. We have looked at about 20 houses around Blackfoot and we really only like 2 or 3 of them. A lot of them need a lot of work, and I know that I am not going to have any energy to do that. I just want to move in and decorate my cute little house. There is one on Stout street and one on Cedar that I really like. They are really cute, I can't wait to have a pink bathroom and paint my bedroom purple, and my kitchen red. I love bright colors and I think Tyler will warm up to the idea after he sees how happy it makes him. :)

Honeymoon Cruise!

So Tyler and I booked our cruise today for our honeymoon. We are going on the Mexican Riviera cruise. We got an ocean view window and unlimited drinks. Oh not mention the food, as most of you know I am a food conasor. So this is going be quite the vacation, there is a fresh sushi bar, catch of the day, steak, ribs, salads, seafood, strawberry moose, creme brulet, and all you can eat ice cream. This is just to name a few, I am going to be in food heaven. Then there is a spa, hot tubs, swimming, cool lights at night, and 24 hour room service. Then there are a bunch of activities we can do like snorkeling, horse back riding, city tour, zip lining through the rain forest. But the best part is going to be spending a whole week with my (husband). That is really weird to say, but I think I am going to like it. Then I am going to have a different last name, now that is going to be the wierdest part of all. I think maybe he should have to take my last name. I think I will ask him and see what he thinks. Sounds great to me!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Camping is a lot of fun. I love to look at nature, the stars, trees, mountains, and spending time with loved ones. 4-wheeling is a lot of fun too, it makes me really dirty but it is all worth it. Especially when I can hold onto my honey (Tyler) lol. I just got back from camping for the second time this summer. I love not doing my hair, but a shower is always wonderful when I get home. Dutch Oven food is to die for too, there is something about cooking outside in the wilderness that makes everything taste better. :)
I went two days before Tyler got there and by the second day I was missing Tyler so much that it occupied my mind the whole day. It must mean that I really love him, when he finally showed up, just seeing his smile made me jump for joy inside. Oh I love him so much and can't wait to live with him so I can see him even more. It is alot of fun working together, like shopping, cooking, puttin up and taking down tents, going on hikes and 4 wheeler rides, and playing Candy Land with the kids. It makes me feel closer to him and makes me excited to be married to him.
We have finally set our date! October 16th is the official day! It is finally in sight and we are getting excited and more stressed to find a house to live in and make all the plans. Did I mention we are looking at buying a house!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Water Skiing!

Yesterday Tyler took out his grandpa's boat and took my family out. The kids either tubed or knee boarded. I got up on skis, and stayed up for a long time, I was pretty proud of myself. Then Tyler showed me his skills on solemn skiing. He is really good, it takes a lot of coordination. :) Tyler also taught me how to drive the boat. It was a little confusing but after a little while I started to get the hang of it. The hardest part was staying far enough away from the other boats. We all had a blast, I am so grateful for such a good guy that is so patient and willing to teach us. I love him more every day.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Break is Here!

I said my goodbyes and cried a little. My kids did not know what was wrong with me. I will just miss them. It feels good to finally be done. It has been a long couple of weeks and I am going to crash tonight. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The End of Year!

I have been preparing for the end of the year so hear comes the stress. I have a program this Friday so I had to teach both of my classes 10 different songs with actions. I was a little overwhelmed at first. I put the CD on repeat until I started to get the words down. The actions were a different story. But they are coming along and my students are learning faster than I thought. It is cute to watch them sing thier parts. This is the fun part of kindergarten.
Then the not so fun part of kindergarten is all the testing. We have been practicing for a couple months now for the Spring IRI. (the state test) They take each student and time them for a minute and see how many letters they can name and then a separate test to see how many letter sounds they can name. Some get really nervous and others don't even care. It is hard to motivate them to do thier best.
OH then the other part of the testing is I have to assess all my students individually in all the math and reading standards. there is about 10 different items on each. I have been doing it for a little over a week now and I am almost done. The end is in sight. I am so excited and plus the kids are tired of me asking them so many questions on what is this sight word, read this word, rhyme this word, count to this number etc... ha ha I try to make it as fun as possible. My students and I love to play outside, read books, and sing songs. That is when I get to play and that is best part. I think I never grew up in some ways.
OH then I need to do report cards, writing samples, permanant files, and portfolios along with my parent program (decorations and crafts needed).
I feel like my head is going explode, I have lost 5 pounds so far and can't remember a thing. I set something done can't find it a minute later. Then I can't remember little things that people tell me that need to be done. I have to write down everything! My last day is NEXT Thursday so it is so close to being done I can't believe it.
We are having a field day on the last day, we doing bubbles, ice cream, jump rope and the zoo is even coming! Everyone pray for good weather so it will be fun for eveyone. We got rained out with our baseball decoding game today. The kids still loved it.
I love to see the wonder in thier eyes with different weather with why and how. We walked ot the library last week and they noticed everything, the air, flowers, stores, banks, cars, cross walks ( well me trying to get them to stay in the cross walk was an adventure), oh the hair cutting places and all the books at the library. They loved it, plus it was a beautiful day for a walk and to play outiside. SO that that is what we did. I want to do this more next year. Maybe we could go to Pizza Hut.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Little Bro is on a mission!

Coulson finally went on a mission. He has been in the MTC for a month now and has grown up a lot. His favorite part is the food, he says it in almost every letter how good the food is. lol it is pretty funny. But he also talks about how strong the spirit is and how you can cut through it with a knife. Even some of his teachers that when you shake their hands you can feel their love of the Lord come up your own arm. He wants to have that, I think he is on the right path to get that. He knows that it is the spirit that is teaching him to speak spanish.
Oh by the way he has been called to the Cherry Hill, New Jersey mission spanish speaking. He says he has never studied so hard in his whole life. I am really proud of him.
OH one more thing, he just found out that his ankle is broken. He jumped off his long board about a 8 months ago and hurt his ankle. He got it x-rayed and went to a bunch of other doctors to get it fixed. He started wearing a brace, and all the doctors said that it was not broken. Now the doctors at the MTC say it is broken and have put him in a boot, he says that it feels better now than it ever has. I don't know how all the doctors here could have missed that. He is not going to be sent him since he is still mobile. I hope that it actually heals now. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

EX dog owner.

So we got a cut puppy that was 6 weeks old. She even liked me. But then Tyler started to feel overwhelmed and decided to get rid of it a week later. We gave it to a nice family in Pocatello. I missed her for a couple days, but now I have Tyler all myself without a puppy sleeping next to us. She was cute, but not practical. we need to have one that is a like 6 months old. We could not train her much because she was still such a baby. She loved to cuddle and hated to be outside. That is a little frustrating. So now we are not dog owners anymore. :)
Maybe in like 6 years when we have a little family a good job, done with school and a house. A puppy was a little to much for right now. Oh but she was cute anyway. :O)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Best Friend!

Oh I love Tyler more than anything. He is my best friend. I had a long day at work, where I was embarrassed and my confidence went down big time. He came over to see me even though he had a ton of homework and asked me about it. He was the only one that noticed that anything was wrong with me today. I guess he is getting to know me well enough he can sense my mood. That is good I guess. I loved how he asked me what happened and then listened and encouraged me. He said that I am a great teacher and he can see a big difference in how my kids act as well as what they know. He said he was not trying to make me feel better, he really thinks that. :) I even started to cry when I was telling him about it. I guess I am feeling comfortable enough around him now that I can open up to him and tell him how I feel. He said that it made him feel important to me and needed and he liked to take care of me. He really is my best friend. My whole relationship with him is turning into one of those that everyone tells me about. That dream where they are your best friend and love. Tyler really is, I am so blessed to have him in my life. :) He just has a way of making everything feel better.


So now Tyler has a new great idea! It is to adopt a dog. :) I don't hate dogs, I think they are sweet and fun sometimes. But I don't like to take care of them. I hate the smell, poop, food, breath, slobber and fur. This makes me sound horrible. I like dogs if they are not mine and I don't have to take care of them. It is like having a furry kid that chews on things. But after a long grueling discussion we compromised that he could get a dog if he trained it really well, it was warm during winter, and I did not have to lift a finger to take care or clean up after it. I had no idea that Tyler liked dogs that much. :) I hate not giving him anything that he wants, so I can compromise. I want him to be happy too.
Maybe it won't be as bad as I anticipate. I just had a bad experience with my family dog growing up. She would do okay when we were in the room, but as soon as we would leave she would do whatever she wanted. Climb on the couch, table, or beds. Then do her little business right in front of my bedroom door in the basement. She was such a brat and I hated that no body would do anything about it except for me. My mom even made me clean it up! I could have killed her by the time I moved out. So..... she really put a bad taste in my mouth about dogs. Tyler assures me that it will be different and we can get rid of it if he is not training well. That made me feel better.
I guess I am a little worried about the dog taking to much of his attention. I guess I am a little selfish, I want to have his undivided attention for the first while when we get married. I will give him mine in return. :) Tyler assures me that the dog will not take that much time and he will still spend more time with me than the dog.
Oh I always wanted to name a dog Pickles. Tyler did not like that very much. So he said it could be short for Picklicious, then it would be okay. What do you think? lol

Roommate Reunion

It was so wonderful to see all you again. I love to see how much we have all changed and grown. Thank you for the wonderful night. I am so glad that all you finally got to meet my dream guy. :) I love you guys.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roller Blading!

So I am an official Roller Blader! Tyler has been talking about it for a couple of weeks trying to convince me. I have not done it since I was 12 so I can't honestly remember how to do it. So we went to Deleta and took Ang's kids and we rented roller blades. It was actually easier than roller skating. I told Tyler this and he takes this as okay lets go buy some. I was a little hesitant because everyone knows that once you buy you are committed and I did not know if I liked it that much. We went shopping one night for them and within 30 minutes and only 2 stores we both had a pair of new roller blades. I did not know what I was getting myself into. As most of you know I have extreme athletic ability. :) ha ha ha. So we went to Jensen's grove to try out the short mile green belt. It actually was not that bad. My shins and hips started to burn and my fingers got a little cold from the wonderful spring weather we have, but I did not even fall down! I was pretty proud of myself. The bridge was a little difficult. It was a good thing that there were railings that I could inch myself along with. :)
Now Tyler wants to go everyday and eventually go around the long green belt which is 8 miles long! I don't know about that one, but the short 1 mile was is fun. Except for the wind blowing against you makes you work a little harder. :) Tyler also seems to think that practice will make me get better. I had to inform him that it is probably not in my cards to get good at anything athletic. It is fun, but I will probably not get much better than I am right now. :) He doesn't make me feel like I am that bad, which is good. He is so positive and makes me feel like I can do anything that I want. I guess that makes him a perfect match for me. He plays with me, makes me laugh, and makes me feel and want to be better. He says that I do the same for him. :) This must be meant to be. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today is one of those days when I watch Tyler and I fall for him even more. He helped me make dinner with the family and then helped clean up. Then he played with my nieces and nephews and loved it. This is the exact kind of guy that I want to spend the rest of my life with. He is going to to be a great dad. Also he goes home and does his homework. I really like how ambitious he is. He is progressing himself without me kicking him in the butt every day to do it. I can't wait until I marry him. We are going to have so much fun and be really happy. He really does match me. I never feel belittled or disrespected. I feel loved and cared about, he accepts me the way I am. He wants to see me every day and misses me too. But he still gets things done when he needs too. I am pretty much the luckiest person in the world. I really feel blessed that God helped me find him. This is one of those perfect moments of my life that I will always remember. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


My brother Coulson got his mission call a couple of weeks ago to the Cherry Hill New Jersey mission. He is going to be speaking spanish. He is really excited. I am so proud of him. He went through the temple yesterday, and I got to go with him. So we both learned a lot have a lot of adjusting to do. :) The temple is pretty awesome.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Funny couple!

As most of you know I have an overactive mind and think about everything and anything. Even when I am spacing off I still thinking about something. :) I am learning so much about the difference between the minds of men and women. Tyler has a nothing box. This is a new thing to me. I had no idea it existed. When he says he is thinking about nothing he really is serious. But then it makes me question how many brain waves are in the nothing box. :)
Tyler is extremely competitive in everything he does. He makes me laugh really hard. It makes him so mad that he can't beat me at any card game. But on the other hand he can beat me at every sport. So I guess we even each other out. I love how he is just himself all of the time, he does what he wants when he wants. That was one of the things that he said he loved about me when we first met. He tells me his favorite feature of mine is my smile. He is so kind and loving. I am trying to learn compassion and sympathy from him. He has more than I could ever imagine. He always gives people the benefit of the doubt. He is an awesome friend to everyone. I need to learn how to do that better. :)
I asked him what kind of couple we will be. He told me that we would be a funny one because people will laugh at us all the time. I think I agree. I can't wait to marry him. We are going to have so much fun. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Compromise. :)

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated this thing. Tyler and I are getting to know each other more and more by the day. Tyler has all of our furniture picked out, since he works at Blacker's furniture. We got a king size bed for a killer deal. It is so soft. I am excited to sleep on it. Also there are some love seats and recliners that look nice. :) I want to go the cheaper route for a while and then get something else when he is done with school. Also Tyler has a big TV with 16 speakers on it picked out. I personally don't need a big TV. I rarely watch the thing, maybe we will come to a compromise soon.
So I love to have conversations and share thoughts and Tyler does not love that as much. But Tyler on the other hand loves playing any kind of sport and I do not love that so much. So we made a deal that if he tries to talk to me more then I will try to play more sports with him. It has been working pretty well so far. I have learned how to play racket ball so far. He says that I am not bad. I just need to hit it like I mean it. I am working on meaning it and not being afraid of the ball. Also he says that when I hit the ball I close my eyes. It might help if I open my eyes, I will work on that. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Okay so I know it has been a very long time since I have posted. I have been a little preoccupied getting to know a fabulous man. His name is Tyler Wood. He is going to ISU to become a nurse then he wants to be a nurseathesistist. So it is a few years down the road, but he is ambitious and self motivated so I am happy with it. He is awesome with kids and loves to play. I finally don't have to be the source of entertainment! lol He treats me like gold, and for the first time I don't have to try to like him. It is so easy. I finally know what everyone is talking about with just knowing. :)
OH did I mention that he asked me to marry him on December 21st? It was a complete suprise. He called my boss and had her pull me out of class while he set up. When I returned, he had all my students holding a letter to spell WILL YOU MARRY ME?!?! Then he came over and got on one knee and asked me with a very pretty ring. I said yes of course. I have never been so happy. My life is just falling into place.
It is funny how when you stop looking for all the right things to happen in your life and just move on and do the things that the Lord wants you to, then the Lord sends you the things that you long for the most. Everything just falls into place and it is so easy. :)
I will post pictures soon. :)