Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first homemade quilt!

So my sister has been working on making me domesticated before I get married. So she has been having me help can beans and fruit and learn how to sew. The canning part was easy but the sewing part was a lot harder than it looked. I could not remember how to thread the machine and sewing in a straight line with everything the right direction was a challenge all in itself. My first attempt was to make towel ponchos where you cut a hole in the middle and then sew the sides together. Sounds pretty easy? Well that is what I thought. I start at 9 in the morning and got my first one done at 6 that night. I had to pick it out more than once and I kept forgetting to put the foot done so it kept on gobbing up the thread. Then I would have to take it out again. By 11 pm I finally got 5 towels done, once I figured out how to do one the process went a lot faster. :)
So for my next sewing experience I decided I needed my own queen sized quilt. My sister helped me cut out all the pieces then sew them together to make the most confusing puzzle I have ever done. It was hard to even turn the cutting board the right way so I could cut it. :) This took me all day to do just the front and then another day to do just the back and now we still have to quilt and bind it. I had no idea that it took so much work to make just one blanket. I sewed to many seams uneven and backwards I can't even count all of them. Then I would get a whole row sewed and realize that I was out of bobbin thread or the top needle was unthreaded. So I would hav to do all over again. :) I wanted to scream most of the time, but now that I almost done, I do feel some accomplishment. I think that I am now officailly domesticated. I still need a little practice, but maybe I would be okay.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Camping at Red Fish Lake

So I went camping with Tyler's family last week and it was blast. 6 days is not that long when you go boating every day. I learned to surf, I really thought I was going to drowned first. I could not figure out how to get the weight from my butt to my feet. Then they started to tub me a little slower and I finally felt it and stood up. I still had to find my balance before I stayed on it for longer than a second. Now maybe I can learn to wake board. It the same concept just faster. OH I skied for a long time and crossed back and forth over the wake a lot times. I always stayed in the middle before. :)Tyler was so patient with me, he did not know what else to tell me to help me but, but makes me feel so much braver on the water. It really is as fun as he says. :)
We rode a tandem bike too, it is really big team effort. It was really funny while we were trying to get used to it.
So this made me think about some more things that I love about Tyler. I have never had more fun with anyone. He makes me feel a lot more brave and confident becuase I know he will always be there for me. He makes me laugh, and hugs all my worries and sicknesses away. I love to see him smile too, his whole face lights up. I feel like the most important person in his life and I mean the world to him. He wants me to go everywhere he goes, and everything is more fun when we are together. :) I love him so so so much.