Sunday, October 24, 2010

We made it!

We finally got married! I never really thought it would all happen. It was just a stressful dream that was so far away. Then it all happened, we were so stressed that morning we woke right up and raced to the temple. Of course the train made my hair dresser late and then I had to speed to get there. But we were both on time and every thing was so peaceful in the temple. Almost like time was not passing. We said our "I dos" and then we came out dressed in our best. I was finally that beautiful bride that I always envied as I saw them at the temple my whole life. All the attention was on us. We barely had time to even talk to each other. Pictures were everywhere and I had my sweet nieces touching me every time I moved. Saying how I looked like a princess and my dress was slippery. I was finally the thing that when I was there age wanted to be. It was such a dream. It was amazing how smooth the day went with all my wonderful families help. I have never felt so loved and blessed to have such a wonderful family. I did not shed a tear until I saw my mom and how she told me how proud she was of me. I finally pleased her. I was not sure I would ever make her so happy. I always kind of felt like I was disappointing my family somehow in the choices I made, but now I finally made my dreams and theres come true. It is such a wonderful feeling.
My family was late to the pictures of course and that made me stress just a little. But then everything worked out and started right on time. The nerves got the best of both of us and we did not eat a thing after the luncheon. Later we wished we would have just tasted the chocolate fountain. :) We could not believe how many people came to support us. We are so blessed.
Then we left that night with a fully decorated car and a 3 hour drive to utah ahead of us. We finally had time to talk to each other but we were so tired we barely talked.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is almost here!

My wedding is almost here. I think it brings the beast out in everybody. Trying to get the cake and deciding what to have everyone is going to wear. Not to mention the invitations.
I have been engaged for so long that now it is so close it has kind of crept up on me. All of the sudden I need to get my invitations out and finalize everything. I am getting excited to be done with everything and to be with Tyler. The cruise will be a good time for us. We are both to the point where we just want to get away. We are tired of making decisions and everyone asking us what we want.
We don't care, we just want it to be done. :) funny.
anyway, I hope everyone can come. The chocolate fountain is going to be fabulous.