Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Best Friend!

Oh I love Tyler more than anything. He is my best friend. I had a long day at work, where I was embarrassed and my confidence went down big time. He came over to see me even though he had a ton of homework and asked me about it. He was the only one that noticed that anything was wrong with me today. I guess he is getting to know me well enough he can sense my mood. That is good I guess. I loved how he asked me what happened and then listened and encouraged me. He said that I am a great teacher and he can see a big difference in how my kids act as well as what they know. He said he was not trying to make me feel better, he really thinks that. :) I even started to cry when I was telling him about it. I guess I am feeling comfortable enough around him now that I can open up to him and tell him how I feel. He said that it made him feel important to me and needed and he liked to take care of me. He really is my best friend. My whole relationship with him is turning into one of those that everyone tells me about. That dream where they are your best friend and love. Tyler really is, I am so blessed to have him in my life. :) He just has a way of making everything feel better.


So now Tyler has a new great idea! It is to adopt a dog. :) I don't hate dogs, I think they are sweet and fun sometimes. But I don't like to take care of them. I hate the smell, poop, food, breath, slobber and fur. This makes me sound horrible. I like dogs if they are not mine and I don't have to take care of them. It is like having a furry kid that chews on things. But after a long grueling discussion we compromised that he could get a dog if he trained it really well, it was warm during winter, and I did not have to lift a finger to take care or clean up after it. I had no idea that Tyler liked dogs that much. :) I hate not giving him anything that he wants, so I can compromise. I want him to be happy too.
Maybe it won't be as bad as I anticipate. I just had a bad experience with my family dog growing up. She would do okay when we were in the room, but as soon as we would leave she would do whatever she wanted. Climb on the couch, table, or beds. Then do her little business right in front of my bedroom door in the basement. She was such a brat and I hated that no body would do anything about it except for me. My mom even made me clean it up! I could have killed her by the time I moved out. So..... she really put a bad taste in my mouth about dogs. Tyler assures me that it will be different and we can get rid of it if he is not training well. That made me feel better.
I guess I am a little worried about the dog taking to much of his attention. I guess I am a little selfish, I want to have his undivided attention for the first while when we get married. I will give him mine in return. :) Tyler assures me that the dog will not take that much time and he will still spend more time with me than the dog.
Oh I always wanted to name a dog Pickles. Tyler did not like that very much. So he said it could be short for Picklicious, then it would be okay. What do you think? lol

Roommate Reunion

It was so wonderful to see all you again. I love to see how much we have all changed and grown. Thank you for the wonderful night. I am so glad that all you finally got to meet my dream guy. :) I love you guys.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roller Blading!

So I am an official Roller Blader! Tyler has been talking about it for a couple of weeks trying to convince me. I have not done it since I was 12 so I can't honestly remember how to do it. So we went to Deleta and took Ang's kids and we rented roller blades. It was actually easier than roller skating. I told Tyler this and he takes this as okay lets go buy some. I was a little hesitant because everyone knows that once you buy you are committed and I did not know if I liked it that much. We went shopping one night for them and within 30 minutes and only 2 stores we both had a pair of new roller blades. I did not know what I was getting myself into. As most of you know I have extreme athletic ability. :) ha ha ha. So we went to Jensen's grove to try out the short mile green belt. It actually was not that bad. My shins and hips started to burn and my fingers got a little cold from the wonderful spring weather we have, but I did not even fall down! I was pretty proud of myself. The bridge was a little difficult. It was a good thing that there were railings that I could inch myself along with. :)
Now Tyler wants to go everyday and eventually go around the long green belt which is 8 miles long! I don't know about that one, but the short 1 mile was is fun. Except for the wind blowing against you makes you work a little harder. :) Tyler also seems to think that practice will make me get better. I had to inform him that it is probably not in my cards to get good at anything athletic. It is fun, but I will probably not get much better than I am right now. :) He doesn't make me feel like I am that bad, which is good. He is so positive and makes me feel like I can do anything that I want. I guess that makes him a perfect match for me. He plays with me, makes me laugh, and makes me feel and want to be better. He says that I do the same for him. :) This must be meant to be. :)