Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family pictures

Here are some previews of us. These are my favorite ones. We did it at a little park here in Blackfoot. A lady in Ang's ward did it. I thought they turned really good. I love how fun my family is. :)

New School Year!

Here I am starting school on August 26th. Ang got me a new luch bag to replace the cinderella one I usually used. :) The first day was fun but the second day was really fun. I have had my ups and downs but overall I love it. My students are so sweet. They want to please me and tell me how cute I am every day. Not mention the many hugs, smiles and laughs I get. I love to sing songs with them and do art projects. They are so creative. :) I have 21 students in my AM class and 18 in my PM.
On Monday I am going to start my first real normal week where I will have morning and afternoon the whole week. It has not been normal yet becuase of orientation, fair week, and meetings. Plus we ride the buses with the students for the first 4 days of school to help the bus drivers and make the kids feel more comfortable.
I have found that the town of Blackfoot kind of shuts down during fair week. We had only half days all week in all the schools so the kids can go to the fair. My mentor told me that the parents pull the kids out anyway so it is not worth the work. :) The library and pool have been closed all week. It is kind of weird but fun I guess.
Oh my mentor has been teaching for 20 years and she is fabulous. She is so patient with me. I ask so many questions and she makes sure that I am okay every day. I have so so blessed. I have a fabulous job, coworkers, and support. This is what I went to school for and it is paying off. I love every minute of it. :) It is so much work though! My new home is the school, I spend most of my time there, I go at 8 in the morning and come home at 6 or later every day. Then I go on weekends sometimes too to get ready for the next day. It is a never ending list of things to do. I wish I was a Super Woman sometimes. I feel so invited and accepted in the little group of eight teachers. OH yeah I do have an aid that helps me during my centers, she is a lot of fun too.