Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A real grown up job!

So I did about 5 interviews and got offered two different teaching jobs. I accepted the one here in blackfoot at the kindergarten center. I will have a morning and afternoon class. I am really excited. I will start going to meetings and stuff on august 19th. May God help me not to be to afraid.

For the summer I was looking for a PSR job (Psycho social rehabilition) I thought it would be fun, plus I would get paid 15-20 dollars an hour with my degree. But I soon found out that nobody was hiring until the middle of July. So I decided to just take the summer off since I would be starting my teaching job a month later. So I have been staying up late, going on dates, sleeping in as long as Royal will let me, and getting a really good tan. OH also I am going to camping for the second time this week, so I will have plenty of wilderness time in me.
I love camping except for the sleeping part. The bed is not very comfy, the wind blows sometimes, it rains sometimes, and sometimes someone snores in my tent to wake me up. This time the snoring stopped in about 30 minutes but it was still enough to make me want to throw something at them. The Food is so good though! :)