Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Symphany and Thia food.

Brought to you by Van. A good friend that I really don't see us going anywhere together. But he takes me fun places and is nice to talk to sometimes.


Look how cute Justin is in his hat. :)


Look at us being proud of our great pumpkins. I don't know what happened to the rest of our creative team. :)

Scary pumkins are FHE

Look at our scary pumkins! It as so fun carving them, there are some really creative people. Justin did not want to stick his hand inside, so I was the MAN and did it for him. I made fun of him for the rest of the night of being a girl. We won the most original pumpkin. It was all Justin and some other guys ideas. I just gutted it. Pumpkin carving never gets old no matter how old you get. :(

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Red Rock Casino.

This is the casino that Justin took me to. Look at this inteirior design. It so beautiful, it is so fun seeing the different things here. Look at how good looking we are. :)

India Resturant.

This is the indian resturant Justin took me to. You know it is good, when there are actual indian people there. There was a wedding reception thing going on. The women had shawls, and jewels on there forheads, and beautiful dresses. I wanted to take pictures of all of them, but I think they would have noticed. The food all looked like Poo, but tasted great. The flavor was amazing. :)

This is the other side that is not so red.

This is the other side that is not so red, but look at the clouds how green it is. There is creek that runs during the spring, but it was dry, but it made everything green still. This part looked like Idaho. I got poked by a plant, it went through my jeans and punctured my leg. It looked like a nice soft leaf, until I got to close to it and it stabbed like a sword. :(. The rest of the day was refeshing and fun. It is fun to hang out with Van too.

Red Rock Canyon

This is my hike at Red Rock canyon with Van. Look at the red rock and weird shaped rocks. We climbed up them and around. This is how beuatiful Nevada is. The clouds were awesome and so were the landscapes. They have a lot of Joshua trees, and cactus but that has it's beuaty of all its own. It snowed, didn't stick but you could see flakes. It was windy and cold, it felt like idaho around september time.

Yogurt land!

This is one of the best frozen yogurt places. You can get whatever flavors you want and then put whatever toppings you want on it, then you weigh it at the end and pay. I always get some gummy bears and sprinkles on mine. It is so good. :) There is another place called U-Swirl that I have been to too.

Rock Band FHE

Here we are rocking out. I figured out that I am not a rock star. The game booed me off stage more than once, with all the insturments. Look at how hard I was concentrating. I still did not do that well, maybe that has something to do with my whole no rhythm thing. Plus it was hard to hear becuase there were more than one game going on in the gymn. So maybe if I was not in front of a lot people and I could hear better then I might have done better. But maybe not too. I am not that musically inclined. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I went to a friends house on Saturday and made Banana crepes for them, evedyone fell in love with them just like my family did. Then we watched conference on a projector. Sunday I went to someone elses house and watched it on thier big screen. The spirit was so strong and it seemed to be telling me to remember the Lord in all things, enjoy every moment, and to endure well, becuase God is with us always and this is life is but a small moment. Oh and live life so the Lord will knock and we will answer. :) wow this church is true. The prophets and apostles are called by God and are his servents and helps them guide this church. Oh I really liked the talk on hope and how if we have hope then we won't despair and we will have more faith and charity.

Look what I did.

Look, I am not attaching myself to just one person like always, this is the third date that I went on in a week. These are all nice guys and good friends. We will see if anything will come of it. :) You guys should be proud of me.

Some more pretty pictures.

It had this pretty fountain, and cool windows, and beautiful flowers. It was a little heaven on earth.

The Las Vegas Temple.

Mark took me to the temple on friday night. It was dark so a lot my pictures did not turn out like I wanted, but it still shows how beautiful it is. This really is God's house and where we do his work. I felt such a great peace while I was there on the grounds. I can't wait until I can go inside and make those special covenants with God. This is the spire on the hill of the city of sin. It is a twisted path to get here then it gets straight, kind of like Lehi's dream to the tree of life. there are great and spacious buildings, and then the straight and narrow path. It was so beautiful. :)

Cheesecake Factory!

This is when my friend Van took me to the Cheesecake Factory. Van got strawberry and I got white chocolate macadamian nut with caramel. It came with so much whip cream, Coulson would have loved it. Van likes the more plain ones, i wanted one that was really different. They were both amazing. I almost spilled because my crust was so thick and it started to slip off my plate. I got it on my hand and the table. Ooops, I felt kind of dumb. I stopped eating the crust after that. :)


Look at us being models for this cool BMW. I tried to get more of close of Justin so you could see what he looked like. He is kinda cute.