Wednesday, July 21, 2010

House Hunting

So Tyler and I have decided to buy a house and then possibly sell it when he goes to graduate school in 6 years. We have looked at about 20 houses around Blackfoot and we really only like 2 or 3 of them. A lot of them need a lot of work, and I know that I am not going to have any energy to do that. I just want to move in and decorate my cute little house. There is one on Stout street and one on Cedar that I really like. They are really cute, I can't wait to have a pink bathroom and paint my bedroom purple, and my kitchen red. I love bright colors and I think Tyler will warm up to the idea after he sees how happy it makes him. :)

Honeymoon Cruise!

So Tyler and I booked our cruise today for our honeymoon. We are going on the Mexican Riviera cruise. We got an ocean view window and unlimited drinks. Oh not mention the food, as most of you know I am a food conasor. So this is going be quite the vacation, there is a fresh sushi bar, catch of the day, steak, ribs, salads, seafood, strawberry moose, creme brulet, and all you can eat ice cream. This is just to name a few, I am going to be in food heaven. Then there is a spa, hot tubs, swimming, cool lights at night, and 24 hour room service. Then there are a bunch of activities we can do like snorkeling, horse back riding, city tour, zip lining through the rain forest. But the best part is going to be spending a whole week with my (husband). That is really weird to say, but I think I am going to like it. Then I am going to have a different last name, now that is going to be the wierdest part of all. I think maybe he should have to take my last name. I think I will ask him and see what he thinks. Sounds great to me!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Camping is a lot of fun. I love to look at nature, the stars, trees, mountains, and spending time with loved ones. 4-wheeling is a lot of fun too, it makes me really dirty but it is all worth it. Especially when I can hold onto my honey (Tyler) lol. I just got back from camping for the second time this summer. I love not doing my hair, but a shower is always wonderful when I get home. Dutch Oven food is to die for too, there is something about cooking outside in the wilderness that makes everything taste better. :)
I went two days before Tyler got there and by the second day I was missing Tyler so much that it occupied my mind the whole day. It must mean that I really love him, when he finally showed up, just seeing his smile made me jump for joy inside. Oh I love him so much and can't wait to live with him so I can see him even more. It is alot of fun working together, like shopping, cooking, puttin up and taking down tents, going on hikes and 4 wheeler rides, and playing Candy Land with the kids. It makes me feel closer to him and makes me excited to be married to him.
We have finally set our date! October 16th is the official day! It is finally in sight and we are getting excited and more stressed to find a house to live in and make all the plans. Did I mention we are looking at buying a house!