Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lunch with the Gals

This is to my Ellen, Meagan, and Jenni. We went to lunch the other day at Red Robin. It made me reminiss and appreciate the good times and cherish them. Thank you for all those, I will love you guys forever.

New Job

You know how I have been working at the mall in Pocatello and taking pictures of Sanat Clause. Well I just got a job for next week taking pictures of the Easter Bunny. I kind of like these little temperary jobs, becuase if I get burned out I know I will be done before I know it.

I am loving my preschool job more and more eveyday. My students are mostly done testing me, and will do what I say for the most part. Also I have had an opportunity to show them how fun and fair I can be. They have a desire to please me and love to play with me. This is the best part about teaching is seeing their success and joy in discovering life. So ultimately this is my job to help them experience life. They warm my heart and help me remember how simple life is. Also that happiness comes from the those things, not the big things. So when Christ says to be like unto a little child, he means to appreciate the small things in life, forgive often, and love with all your heart.

My Mom

Do I look like my mom? This is when she was a little older than me. Cool huh. Now I know what she is talking about when she says says when I was your age.... LOL


So here is living proof that I graduated from college. yay for me.