Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My niece Dyllan with her spider girl costume.
Spider men costumes my nephews got for Christmas.
My 2 year old nephew playing with the farm the his dad made him.
The best part of the Christmas tree. ha ha
Tyler scraping the driveway. He was all decked out. :)

We went to the state games in boise for snake river and blackfoot.
Here are our new footed pajamas that we got from PJ.

This is a such a wonderful time of year. I cry every time I hear the forgotten carols story and feel true joy as I spend the holiday with my family. Watching the joy and excitement on the children's faces and then play with their new toys is something that will never get old.My first christmas with my wonderful husband was so nice. We surprised eachother with some silly gifts then cuddled. :)

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